Let's cooking "Takoyaki".

Hi There.

Last sunday, I cooked Takoyaki with my wife.

This time, I'll write about Takoyaki.
Let's cooking it!

It explain in English "Octopus dumpling".

At first, This is the cooking ingredients.
Please prepare these.

In this quantity, Can make 32 pieces.

* Soft wheat flour ... 200 g
* Egg ... 3 eggs
* Water ... 600 cc
* Boiled octopus ... About 160 g

* Tempura bits
* Green onion
* Bonito flakes
* Red ginger
* Mayonnaise
* Takoyaki sauce
* Green powder

Let's cooking!

1. Mix flour, water, and eggs in a bowl.

2.Grease the pan with oil. And then, Put Tempura bits in the pan.

3. Pour the mix into the cups until they are full.

4. Put octopus, green onion and red ginger in each cup.

5. Turn the Takoyaki over with a skewer in the cups.

6. Keep turning them over until they are round and brown all over.

*This video is is how to grill Takoyaki.*

7. Serve on a plate with Takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green powder and bonito flakes.

Please try make Takoyaki!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. wow !!! it looks delicious!

    once I tasted takoyaki is exquisite !!
    I want to try make it sometime, definitely!

    1. Takoyaki is very delicious!
      I sometimes make Takoyaki with my friends. It's Takoyaki Party.
      We also use other food besides octopus. XD